Oban Airport remains closed to non-essential flights, however a change to government guidance issued on the 17th of April now allow essential maintenance activity to take place. This includes the following : Maintenance flights. Post-maintenance check flights in accordance with CAP1038 are permitted but must be kept to an absolute minimum in terms of both the number
Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak Oban Airport is closed to all GA traffic. Our revised operating hours below are to cover scheduled flight only.  Emergency Service / Military flights requiring RFFS cover can be arranged by contacting the on duty crew manager on 01631 572905. During this time Oban airport terminal is closed to
Argyll & Bute Council is recruiting 4 new Airport Supervisor/Air Ground Communications post to be based at Coll Airport. The successful applicants will form part of a team providing the dual role of firefighter cover and air ground communication, providing a supportive role to Coll airport and the Council’s scheduled air service to the island.

ADS-B Receiver Installed

We have now installed an ADS-B receiver alongside our FLARM receiver which will give us better coverage of ADS-B equipped aircraft in the local area. This technology is being trialed by the CAA at some airfields in the UK to give AFISO units a better view of nearby aircraft. To read more about this trial,