Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak Oban Airport is closed to all GA traffic. Our revised operating hours below are to cover scheduled flight only.  Emergency Service / Military flights requiring RFFS cover can be arranged by contacting the on duty crew manager on 01631 572905. During this time Oban airport terminal is closed to
Argyll & Bute Council is recruiting 4 new Airport Supervisor/Air Ground Communications post to be based at Coll Airport. The successful applicants will form part of a team providing the dual role of firefighter cover and air ground communication, providing a supportive role to Coll airport and the Council’s scheduled air service to the island.

ADS-B Receiver Installed

We have now installed an ADS-B receiver alongside our FLARM receiver which will give us better coverage of ADS-B equipped aircraft in the local area. This technology is being trialed by the CAA at some airfields in the UK to give AFISO units a better view of nearby aircraft. To read more about this trial,

AVGAS and JETA1 Unavailable

Unfortunately, JETA1 and AVGAS fuel is now unavailable until further notice.